Julio Federici


Federici is an Italian/Brazilian singer based in Los Angeles/CA. His music taste and passion comes from the cradle. Since childhood, he has acquired the habit of listening, singing and enjoying music, influenced by his entire family. Seeing his father, also a singer, composing and singing, as well as his musician uncles and cousins, he also pursued his way.  


His first contact  with  music came through a guitar, by personal classes, at the age of twelve. As a consequence, he bought an electric bass and increased his knowledge as an autodidact, enjoying his first experience with a rock band at the age of 17. However, just one year later he discovered his true talent of singing, going deeper and deeper into the studies.


At the beginning, he had started singing and performing as a self-taught, through internet, video classes, books and with some techniques from his father Reinaldo Federici. Later, he felt the need to take some personal lessons. That’s when he started taking classes of classical music at Instituto Souza Lima, where he learnt theory and fundamentals that helped a lot, specially to compose his own songs. Meanwhile his cover band, called Revival, started to rock through Sao Paulo pubs and around. Moreover, Julio Federici has enjoyed other bands as Lira in 2008 as composer and singer, Reviolence in 2009 also as composer and singer and participated on a beneficent project called Metal World, among famous Sepultura and Angra members. At the same time, on 2009, Federici also studied Music Production at Anhembi Morumbi University and Photography at SENAC in Sao Paulo, as he knew that these skills would be extremely important on his career. Both courses put Julio Federici with two feet in the music and entertainment industry.  He wanted to go more and more. Time to have Rock singing classes!


Three years later, he went straight away to Rock singing classes with a personal teacher, Nando Fernandes, a famous Rock singer in Sao Paulo/Brazil. Nando taught everything he needed, specially vocal drive techniques, diaphragm breathing, support, since the style demands a lot from the singers. Meanwhile, he was composing his first album, We Are The Law, King Of Bones, recorded and released in 2012 through Norcal Studios with Brendan Duffey and Adriano Daga producers.


After wrapping up the promotion of the debut album, King Of Bones went from promise to reality. As mere unknown rockies, the band felt the positive response during the Brazilian tour supporting Andre Matos band (ex Angra, Shaman, Viper) in more than 30 shows, from South to North of the country. Time for the next step! The second and new album Don’t Mess With The King (King Of Bones, 2016) was released independently in Brazil and by the Danish record company Lions Pride Music in Europe. The band already debuted on Argentinian and Colombian stages and started the promotion overseas. King Of Bones also have performed as special guest in shows with Anthrax, Accept, Tim Ripper Owens, among others renowned rock artists.


Julio Federici has also being indicated as the ‘best of the year’ singer by Roadie Crew magazine and rock portal every single year, for popular quest, since 2012. In 2017, Julio Federici also recorded the entire Rock n’ Rails soundtrack, a rock and roll game released by Samsung, Black River Studios, with a very well response everywhere in the world.



Los Angeles / CA



Hold Me Closer (King Of Bones - 2016)

Rock & Rails Trailler (SAMSUNG 삼성그룹   - 2017)

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